How school kids helped secure an energy makeover


The golden rules of energy saving, your questions answered by the (little) experts, the shower vs bath debate and how would you spend the money you save….    

How would you spend the money you save on energy use? During Big Energy Saving Week, we asked some youthful bright sparks what they thought about energy and how they would spend the money they saved. The results made for some interesting viewing. Prepare to be entertained.

We asked Anna and Ella what energy saving meant to them. Their answer: “Saving money is important because then we wouldn’t be able to buy stuff.”

Tune into Isaac’s top energy tips for the bedroom.

Joe and Frankie get their heads together to give you some pointers on saving energy in the bathroom. Top tip: “Have a shower instead of a bath.”

Ted and Maggie would buy rockets and dolphins with the money they saved on energy. What’s their top energy saving tip for the kitchen? Simple. “Put the lid on the pan.”